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So you want to shave your head? Information and advice on head-shaving, head care, including a how-to guide, reviews of head-shaving products, and other handy tips.

How To Shave Your Head -- A step-by-step guide to shaving your head. If you've never shaved before, this is the spot for you.

SirHare.com -- A great company that creates quality products for guys that shave their heads.

Hair Restoration -- If you are interested in trying to go head to head with your hair loss then hair restoration might be for you

Off the Top -- A blog about headshaving, shaving products, and the world of the bald-by-choice.

Product Reviews -- I've tried a number of razors and several varieties of shaving cream, and I'll tell you about all of them. Comments from other readers of these pages will show up here also, when appropriate. Also, the Off The Top blog also has some quick reviews from time to time.

Recommended Products -- Based on the various products I have personally tested, and the feedback I've gotten from hundreds of other shavers, this is a list of a small number of excellent products that I think will give most people a great, comfortable shave.

Frequently Asked Questions -- I get questions from readers, from time to time. The questions that get asked more than a few times end up in here.

Articles -- Tips, advice, and the occasional meandering monologue. Topics include razor bumps, shadow, shiny heads, skin care, and other ways of removing hair besides shaving.

Specifically for Women -- Articles and links for and about women who shave their heads.

Links for the Hairless -- There are a number of excellent sites out there for people wanting to shave their heads, or just connect to others who share the hairstyle.

Contact -- Have a question that wasn't answered anywhere else on the website? Want to share a comment about head-shaving? Feel free to send me a note.

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